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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simply Dad

So... Father's Day is just around the corner and what to get for the first important man in your life. It's not like this is a new problem - daughters have been wondering this since Father's Day became a permanent national observance in 1972 - or maybe even back to 1910 when Sonora Dodd held the first Father's Day celebration. What did Sonora give her father??

Like me, you've probably already tried the gamut of ties, sports widgets, mugs, shirts, and shiny new tools...and Dad has always smiled like it was the BEST gift ever! But might I suggest a new twist for your gift this year? Give him something that makes him feel young again - something that blasts from the past and takes him back in time - something that is actually older than he is - give him vintage.

As a frequent visitor of estate sales, I've noticed how men flock to the tool table like women flock to a Macy's day sale. That's because old tools are solid and typically made better than new shiny tools. Your local antique shop will most likely have a wide assortment of old tools - so I'd start there if your dad is one who likes to work with his hands. Is he a farmer or a farmer wannabe? An old cowbell or some grain measures might fit the bill. Maybe your dad enjoys looking at old pictures of his hip, modcat days - when he still had lots of hair - so he might like some modcat glass like some 1950's Blenko.

Whatever you choose, he'll surely appreciate the time and thought that went into finding the perfect gift and the reminisces that will soon follow. But best of all, sharing the moment is the BEST part of the whole day.

As for me and my dad? I found an awesome old Sears Tractor lawn sprinkler - it rolls along while it whirls water on the garden. I know he'll love it - and better yet, love spending time with me to watch it work. (Shhh - he doesn't have a computer so don't spoil the surprise!)