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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Treasure Hunting

Summer Treasures: Metal Kiddie Chair, Steubenville Shalimar Coffee Pot, 1960's Blenko Vase, Kanawha Glass Stretch Vase, Hull Tulip Bud Vase, Weeping Gold Urn, Fenton Peach Crest, and Small Yellowware Bowl.

Summer time is great for vintage treasure hunting with many estate sales, auctions and special sales in local antique stores. The shopgirls at The Old Timey Shop in Milton, WV have been busy traveling the U.S. , looking for just the right treasures to bring home for our customers. We especially love bringing WV glass back home!

When traveling this summer, take time to visit local antique shops along your journey - while some have interstate signs posted, many little stores do not, so you can ask the clerk at the gas station when you fill up about area antique shopping. It is amazing what treasures await you in tiny shops around the United States and it gives you a great break from the toils of heavy traffic and road construction! Be sure to ask if there is a discount available - most offer 10% off for items over a specific amount and may even discount more if you buy several pieces from the same vendor. And best of all, you'll meet friendly folks along the way who will usually be happy to point you in the direction of some local sightseeing. A couple of our best vacation memories started out this way - first a local, quaint county fair and then a drive along a winding country road to find an ostrich farm!

One of my favorite stops of the summer so far was Collectics Antiques located at 1207 Hwy. 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC. The proprietor, Luke Prichard , was very friendly, helpful and had great prices! If you happen to stop to shop - tell him The Old Timey Shop sent you!