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Monday, April 6, 2009

Coy Garden Plantings...

The vintage garden is still my passion of the moment...fitting for the upcoming warmer weather (although it seems so far away with today's dreary, cold rain). Some flirtatious pots of flowers should be just the trick to brighten my day! Here are some of my favorite coy (McCoy, that is) pots that would make even the homeliest flower look beautiful.
Quilted Jardiniere $49

Pretty Peacock Strawberry Pot $59

1950's Wild Rose Planter - $12.95, Green Thumb Flower Pot $16.95

Woodland Babies $12 ea.

1940's Ball Planter with old NM Mark - $15
Pretty in Pink!
Ladie's Shoe $16.99, Cornucopia $19.99, Basket Weave Flower Pot $12.50

Watering Can Flower Pot $24

No matter where you place them, McCoy Pottery should have a prominent place among your vintage garden. Some helpful tips:

  • Line the planter if it is in good shape and you want to keep it that way
  • When possible, use planters that are damaged in some way for actual plantings since the dirt, water, and weather will ruin your pottery in time. I use those that already show vintage use such as water and dirt deposit stains and hairline cracks.
  • Be sure to store them safely for the winter or else you'll just have pieces of pottery to sweep up the following spring. Don't let your pots freeze.
  • Save the "good stuff" for empty shelf sitting among your other planters or for the indestructible kind of flowers - silk!