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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fenton Art Glass

Did you know that Fenton Glass of Williamstown, WV is the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the U.S.? While glass making seems to be a dying art form, Fenton has managed to survive for over 100 years. It is still run by family members - now the third and fourth generations of the founders!

Collecting vintage and antique Fenton is one of my favorite pastimes and I've happily browsed away hours of time in antique shops across the U.S. One of the best things I like about Fenton is the glass comes in so many different colors and shapes. You can find a pretty piece for just about any occasion and it not only holds it's value - it often goes UP in value with time - unlike the "made in China" versions that are found in today's mall specialty shops.

With Mother's Day on the horizon, a pretty piece of vintage Fenton would be a lovely idea for a gift. Fill a basket with her favorite soaps, a candy dish with her favorite chocolates or a vintage vase with some silk stems. Creativity would certainly earn you extra points and hugs!!

The pictured Fenton is available in our shop, listed left to right: Ruby Red Sheffield Vase $75; Blue Satin Toothpick $14; Colonial Blue Hobnail Basket $45; Colonial Green Rose High Footed Compote $24.99; Silver Crest Puff Box $50.00; and Lime Green Satin Persian Medallion Compote $55.00.